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Why do we have to pay attention to density when processing cabinets?

2020-05-19 11:07:55           【print】

The development of the cabinet case processing industry is getting bigger and bigger, due to the rapid development of society, the popularity of high-tech products, server cabinets, computer mainframes, equipment shells, etc. are in short supply. More and more cabinet chassis manufacturers choose professional customization to open up a new path, so what is the most common problem of cabinet chassis processing? What is the significance of the processing of cabinet chassis?
1. Cabinet chassis products provide space for storage devices such as power supplies, motherboards, various expansion boards, floppy disk drives, optical disk drives, hard disk drives, etc., and are connected by supports, brackets, various chassis screws or clips inside the cabinet chassis These parts are firmly fixed inside the cabinet chassis, and the cabinet chassis forms a intensive whole.
2. The solid shell of the cabinet case protects the board, power supply and storage equipment, and can resist pressure, impact, and dust. The cabinet case also has the functions of preventing electromagnetic interference and radiation, and plays a role in shielding electromagnetic radiation.
Cabinet chassis
3. The cabinet cabinet provides a lot of easy-to-use panel switch indicators, etc., allowing the operator to more conveniently manipulate the computer or observe the operation of the computer.
The concept of high density has different meanings for other industries. And what about our rack and chassis products? Naturally also has a unique application significance. Every design is to achieve a goal. Therefore, the cabinet The chassis has done a lot of work in terms of high density. Whether it is material selection or processing, it strictly abides by this requirement. It is necessary to choose a professional processing manufacturer, after all, for every penny.

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