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Briefly describe the four requirements of modern chassis cabinet structure desig

2020-05-19 11:09:35           【print】

Briefly describe the four requirements of modern chassis cabinet structure design
In everyday life, what we mean by chassis refers to the main chassis of the computer. A good chassis structure is very important for the length of the computer mainframe. With the improvement of technology and the improvement of the level of living, people have put forward higher requirements for the appearance and structure of the computer mainframe. The following briefly describes the four major requirements for the design of modern chassis cabinet structure.
1. Implement standardization and modularization: Standardization is a state-level technical and economic policy and governance measure that has a tense effect on improving product quality and yield, ease of use and maintenance, enhancing corporate governance, and reducing production costs. In structural design, it is necessary to reduce the number of special parts and components as much as possible, increase the number of general parts, and use as many standardized and standardized parts, components and size series as possible (try to use standard libraries and national standard parts).
2. Excellent structural manufacturability: The structure and the process are closely and intimately related. Different structures are used to respond to different processes, and the quality of the chassis structure design must be guaranteed by excellent technical measures. Therefore, in the structural design of the chassis, the designer must be required to consider the structural manufacturability in consideration of the production reality.
Chassis cabinet
3. The operation, use, installation and maintenance of the equipment are more convenient: In order to better control and use the equipment, it is necessary to make the structural design of the chassis and cabinet conform to the physiological characteristics of human beings. At the same time, it also requires the structure of the product to be simple and convenient for assembly and disassembly. In addition, the controllers on the panel and the devices seen must be properly equipped and laid out, as well as considering the title of the personal safety title of the staff.
4. Harmonization of chassis structure and appearance: With the advent of the era of personalized consumer economy, people pay more attention to the beauty of the appearance of products when buying products, and the importance of product design is increasingly prominent. Chassis structure design needs to consider the requirements of the chassis design, and as far as possible without affecting the function of the product, as much as possible to match the design of the chassis, so that the internal and external of the chassis are harmonized and coordinated, to meet the needs of people's continuous improvement. demand.
In addition, when designing the chassis, the electromagnetic interference and heat between the internal elements of the chassis and the components of the chassis need to be considered to further improve the stability of the motor performance; the title of the strength and rigidity of the chassis needs to be meticulous to avoid deformation , Resulting in poor electrical contact, stuck doors and connectors, or even damage after vibration; according to the defined working environment and use premises, corresponding measures should be taken to improve the reliability and service life of the equipment, and ensure that the product technical parameters meet the industry Claim.

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